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Looking at what I would make my first blog about, I realized how many people are confused about smartphones.

Questions I still hear - why do I need a smart phone? Which is better, Android or iPhone?

Today, I will answer both of those questions.

We already use phones to keep in touch - but a lot of people are finding that the quality of communication, therefore the quality of communication, has improved. From facetime and skype, to sending photo's instantly, and sharing moments.

Most people with Smart Phones also access their email and social media accounts - as another way of staying in touch.

Shopping can be done with a voice search on Amazon, paying your bills can be managed completely on your phone - while you can also send/recieve money or do full banking tasks, that would have previously taken drive time, wait time, and processing time.

Some users have even discovered the light bulbs you can buy that can be turned on and off with a smart phone - same for your water heater, gas or electric heater, and your security system.

It may sound over whelming - but it's really not, once you begin.  Getting a Smart Phone is the first step.

Now to ask the question - which one? Android, or iPhone?  The answer depends on your "Tech Personality."

If you like to just buy things that work, don't have a lot of interest in tinkering or experimenting much with your phone, then iPhone is the way to go. Otherwise, I suggest Android for those who are more apt to be curious and want more control over the processes and apps.


Smart Phone Rating

  • GoFixy Rating: 4.5
  • EZ Setup: 4
  • Affordability: 3
  • Quality: 5
  • Cutting Edge: 5
  • Coolness Factor: 5
  • Time/Cost Savings: 5

On - iPhone 8 receives 3.5 stars out of 5 -- compared to Samsung Galaxy S9 (Android) - 4.5 stars out of 5

As a follow up, because I'm comitted to not being too techy when I post - I wanted to see what other people are doing with smart-phones, and why they felt it would be a good idea to upgrade.  You can read my post, and their replies on Mobile Nations forum here:

I hope this has helped you.  Once you get your phone, check back for a free HOW-TO guide in setting up your new phone!  I look forward to seeing you soon!

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