Simple-Tech Blog

Simple Tech Blog

It's time to introduce people, to technology - without the mumbo jumbo that makes it so difficult to understand.

My intent, is straight forward:  I am choosing technology that I believe can add value to everyone's life, technology I believe most people may not be aware of / or using in a way it could actually benefit you more --- I will dig deep, but keep it short and sweet.

I've established a rating system that will help you determine whether the tech is something you want to try or not, and will not only rely on my own research - but interview owners of said technology, find out not just what they think, but how they use it - how it has made their life simpler, more fun, or just down right cool.

Finally, If the tech needs some setup, I will include a helpful 1-2-3 guide, as simple as I can make it, to help you start using the tech as soon as possible!

Thank you for visiting!  I hope to see you often!

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