Who wants Freedom?

    Be your own boss - Control your own time!

    Work Part-Time, Full Time, you choose!

    The world is changing, we are creating a simpler way for qualified skilled individuals, to eliminate the middle-man!  We process the request, and the payment - you collect your payment once we are paid!  Accept only the work you want, know your rates up front, and run a report anytime to decide how much more, or less, you want to do this week!

    Point ‘N Click Simple

    Turn on your mobile app, and wait for a "Ring" (Request Ping).  If you're available, simply click 'Pending' and review the request.  You have up to 2 full minutes to review the rate, work, and estimated time/notes - if it's a fit, click 'Accept' - if not, or you just decide it's not what you want to do at the moment - click 'Decline.'  Could it get any easier?

    Work Rate Accuracy

    One of the largest challenges Tech companies have, is time estimation, and proper rate assignment.  (We take it all into consideration - whether it's remote - or onsite request with mileage and drive time consideration - and we give you a complete breakdown). Your customers are already aware of the rates, and prepayment has been approved - once the work is complete, you click, they click, and the payment is processed!

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