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The world is changing, fast - and there are so many advancements that make life easier, more efficient, and enjoyable - it's difficult to keep up.  We help you understand the important ones, know what to ignore, and how to benefit the most from what's available.  Our focus, is practical use, customized for your specific needs.

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Listen, Watch, or Read

We make it simple for you to follow - by providing the media that best suits your life style.  Follow our blog, our social media sites, watch our channel and video's, or simply listen to our podcast at your liesure.

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GoFixy - WiKi

If you don't know what you're looking for - our podcast and video library are a great place to begin.  However, if you know exactly what you need or have a question that needs answered - our GoFixy-WiKi is the place for you!

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We are dedicated to providing solutions to the common man, the small to medium business, and everyone in between.

This site is dedicated to the pursuit of simple application - answers, reviews, and discussions on technology that can add true quality to life, and business.

Our goal is to remove the mystery - and help any way we can, to integrate this new and fantastic tech - into every day life.  We can only make technological advances, if we first embrace what's available today.

Some of the things we dive into -- Should you go mobile? What about the Cloud - how could it work for you, realistically, and practically. What is wearable tech, and is it worth looking at? Home networking? Disaster Recovery as a Service? and so much more!


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